About Us

Perfect Florida Villas - Orlando Villas and Vacation Homes.

We have been matching guests with Vacation Villa owners since 2007.

Ever since the time I first visited Florida back in 1992, I have had a great passion for the place and look forward to returning year after year.

Initially we would stay in hotels as part of a package that included flights but almost immediately it became clear that it was very easy to "tailor make" our trips by organising our flights and accommodation separately and saving quite a bit of money.

Villas & Vacation Homes over hotels

The next step was to try a vacation home over a hotel. Once we did this we were hooked, it gave us so much more freedom and can save a lot of money, especially, when you are traveling in larger families or groups.

We loved the independence Villas gave us and the fact that we could shop at local supermarkets and do some home cooking if we so wished, which again can save money for those with larger families. All this led us to buy a villa ourselves. We finally owned our little piece of Florida!

Perfect Florida Villas is born

It was due to us owning our own property that we decided to build a website to promote it. Following that, we listed on several vacation rental websites but found that mostly they were not really suitable, so we formed Perfect Florida Villas

We have had many years of success and have matched many happy guests with owners over the years.

Long may it continue.