Registered members/owners have the opportunity of adding & saving listings,accessing and updating their contact information.

Registration is easy and takes just a couple of minutes. Just send us an email and we will be in touch to get you listed asap.

The cost to advertise on this site is £90 per year, additional villas owned by you are £50.

Category Listing

The Listing Categories for each bedroom size will be kept to a reasonable level so as to allow owners to have a good chance of securing a booking without going up against hundreds of other villas and overwhelming the enquirer with responses. At the same time we want to maintain a reasonable choice for the enquirer. Once we reach our capacity we will start a waiting list to join this site, from which we will start another site.

Search Results

The listing order of the search results will work in a similar way to the system used on Featured Properties.

Personal Web site

You may display your personal web address if you wish on your listing. You may also display your  phone number.

Updating your Listing

You may update your listing as and when you want. At the moment you may display 12 photographs and 1 video with your listing.



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